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The last time I wrote about this preemptive security measure, many readers seem to have hastily and erroneously concluded that whichever company is doing the alerting doesn’t properly secure its users passwords if it can simply compare them in plain text to leaked passwords that have already been worked out.

What’s going on here is that Facebook, Netflix, or any other company who wants to can take a corpus of leaked passwords that have already been guessed or cracked can simply hash those passwords with whatever one-way hashing mechanism(s) they use internally.

If you’ve got a rogue i OS device which won’t access or sync data, you might want to try backing it up, resetting the device using the Restore option in i Tunes and then restoring the backup you made.

Once you’re finished your device will be identical to how you started, except you’ll need to authorize your various accounts again (email, Facebook and so on).

All of three of those breaches are years old, but the scope of the intrusions (more than a half billion usernames and passwords leaked in total) only became apparent recently when the credentials were posted online at various sites and services.

“We believe your Netflix account credentials may have been included in a recent release of email addresses and passwords from an older breach at another company,” the message from Neflix reads.

Having problems getting i Cloud to sync your data between two instances of the same app?

“Just to be safe, we’ve reset your password as a precautionary measure.” The missive goes on to urge recipients to visit and click the “forgot your email or password” link to reset their passwords.

Netflix is taking this step because it knows from experience that cybercriminals will be using the credentials leaked from Tumblr, My Space and Linked In to see if they work on a variety of third-party sites (including Netflix).

As I wrote last year in the aftermath of the Ashley Madison breach that exposed tens of millions of user credentials, Netflix’s forensics team has been using a tool that the company released in 2014 called Scumblr, which scours high-profile sites for specific terms and data.

members have received emails encouraging them to change their account passwords as a precautionary measure due to the recent disclosure of additional credentials from an older breach at another internet company,” Netflix said in a statement released to Krebs On Security.

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You also may want to plug your device in, sometimes I find that photostream won’t always sync to i Cloud until my phone has power.