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hence you have all those stories throughout Europe earlier on. All employees of the Secret Service currently receive their "paychecks" electronically from the Federal State, but just like in Roman times finding the gold/wealth to confiscate in order to pay them remains problematic, debasement goes only so far.With central banking, bonds and now derivatives the paper trail becomes so long and the system so convoluted it is impossible to figure it out. 1) The bulk of those assassinations were carried out by the Praetorian Guard. Meanwhile, we have sworn federal law enforcement officers who take a superior vow of confidentiality to the emperor, where no statutory privilege or immunity exists. Assassination is the last resort, after the candidate refuses to "play ball" because there is no motive to do so.However, as Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins was assembling our previous research on Currency and the Collapse of the Roman Empire, we noticed something that was too uncanny to skip past: This, of course, was a particularly troubled period for the Romans.During the Crisis of the Third Century (235 to 284 AD) specifically, the combined pressures of invasion, civil war, plague, and economic depression threatened to bring down the Empire.It is interesting that Armstrong never mentions the Byzantine Empire.

With my handy dandy Sharp calculator I calculated the amount of US federal debt per oz of gold.I hope they wear tuxedos to their trials, and bring their butler, Bounds to wipe the sweat off their quivering upper lips.While executive order 11110 was not the smoking gun pointing to the Fed that theorists are looking for in the Kennedy case, it is interesting to note that almost immediately after his untimely death, our Silver coins OT, how many of you are struggling with this slow decline and general ennui?I think I was going soft on them, despite the tongue and cheek appeal to the peanut gallery's sensibilities. Today the NSA has camera footage of the dump that you took this morning. Only rich sheltered college fraternity brothers could come up with this flawed plan.Skull and Bones are the ~assassinators~ (contractors). They practice on abducted children and witness each other murdering a child during initation rituals - It's their bloody pot (rather than honey pot) to keep the members duct tapped, to die rather than reveal the hidden secrets of the Skull & Bones (murdering the obstacles to world domination). They must leave the room when the words Skull and Bones are stated in a conversation which is why they get edgy when asked about it - It's So. Flitting from one event to another, they take the scenic route.

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Coincidentally, during this same time frame, the silver denarius went from having 2.7 grams silver to being “silver” in name only.

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