Jamaican sex chatroom

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The whole time that he fucked her I gave them instruction on what to do and when to do it.

I told my wife that she needed to swallow his load.

Obviously he had a wife or girlfriend that didn’t need to know of his good luck.

A few minutes into their fucking I moved around behind him to get a good view of his cock penetrating my wife.

As I stood beside the bed within about a foot from her oral acts, I watch him place his fingers up inside my wife.I danced with her as she did some grinding and dirty dancing with several guys.We drifted apart for a few moments as I went to get a drink.He pulled out his glistening rod from her and sucked him completely dry as I came all over her white thighs and cunt, she was kissing me and a slight flavor of the bell boys semen was still in her mouth. the wife and I went out to the resorts dance club for some dancing and fun.She wore a shear white dress, 5 inch heels and nothing else. After a few drinks, we both began dancing and the guys were all over her in a second.

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He was on the bed on his knees, cock deep in my wife’s mouth.

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