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I read something recently, that stated that this arrangement is becoming more prevalent, although it still carried some of the same issues it always has.

It also stated that when relationships develop, it seems that 100% of the time, it was the men approaching the woman. Why would it matter if the woman approached the man?

On your personal profile, it is recommended that you specify what type of person you are looking for, including ‘I want an older woman’ or ‘I want a young man’, and so on.

There are many ‘cougar relationships’ discussions about older women dating younger men and vice verse.

Older Women Dating Younger Men Relationships have been a phenomenon in the last few years.My current bf is in his late twenties, but he thought I was younger than him - he actually wondered if I was too young for him to date, and his buddies teased him for cradle-snatching a sophomore.We're pretty much at the same life stage despite me being a little older, and we don't really consider there to be an age gap.Having said that, I think I am well schooled in the "mating dance" , and that I can send and read signals better than an air traffic controller.So, my personality doesn't change whether a man of 25 or 75.

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