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The Lines are tailgate pros, serving up perfectly cooked brats, cold beers and even providing a "ladies only" port-a-potty, complete with a drink holder, space heater and a bit of Michigan basketball propaganda.

Down the street I met up with my final host for the day, Ryan Walsh, at his incredible maize-and-blue house right across from the tailgates at Pioneer High School and Ann Arbor Golf & Outing Club, just a few steps from the entrance to the stadium.

It happens every year, always right around the same time, when the summer fades to fall and Chicago weather gets as unpredictable as Issa's next blunder on "Insecure." I'll be busy checking the Bears' depth chart and planning early-morning tailgates at Soldier Field when I remember the other football season and descend into a funk.

While friends and colleagues count down the days until college football begins, I scramble to cover for my complete and utter apathy.

A plain-spoken, joke-cracking, old school kind of guy, he told me he was cut out to be a judge because he's "been there, done it" when it comes to making mischief, and the No.

1 rule he told his kids growing up was, "Don't get caught." His daughter, also a UM alum and mother to a dog named Jimmy Harbaugh, said her father chose to name her Emily because it was as close to "MGo Blue" as he could get.

My indifference was all well and good for a while; in fact, I kind of liked having my Saturdays free.

But I've been feeling left out the past few seasons.

Over the course of this season, I'll take a group of 24 teams and whittle them down until I find my ideal squad. I arrived in Detroit and drove the 45 minutes or so west, pedal to the metal, to get situated in time to do my radio show, "Izzy and Spain," live from my hotel room.I loved the feel of the stadium and its surrounding area, the fans, cheerleaders and band -- everything felt super traditional and old school.Like most college stadiums, no beer at the Big House, and they shut down all concessions right at the start of the fourth quarter, claiming they were out of everything.It was the perfect view, a great spot for my first time at the Big House.I chatted it up with my seat neighbors and watched the Wolverines stick with the Buckeyes for most of the game, until a terribly ill-timed interception from John O'Korn sealed it for OSU.

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